Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Mind of a Host (Virtu)

H-train Hour is a live show on Purchase Television (channel 69) hosted by yours truly (Harrison Grinnell). This blog will provide inside access into the mind of a t.v show host. On the show I exert my virtu (prowess). Virtu includes pride, bravery, an amount of ruthlessness and strength. Pride is incorporated into stage presence, bravery is practiced with overcoming fear of being on television, ruthlessness is exercised when creating your own unique mindset and strength used by showing up every week no matter if sickness or alternate date conflicts arise.


  1. I'm an intern at PTV this semester. Not gonna lie, I only caught a couple minutes of your show one night. But I'll come around to watch it in the studio sometime. You're on on Tuesdays right?

  2. ohh yeahh, tuesdays at 8 .p.m.. but werddd a couple minutes is more than most people! I don't think most people were into the midnight hour timeslot. But i'm sure i'll see ya around up there. This season should be pretty amazing or it'll just plain suck. The future's still a little fuzzy.