Tuesday, March 2, 2010

12:48 a.m. March 3 2010

It is I, H-train reporting from Old Greenwich, CT post live show. The show tonight went well for multiple reasons. Reason 1, we all showed up on time. Reason 2, we supported each other and listened. Reason 3, every subject is looked at seriously but with a beautiful lightness at the same time. 10 minutes of meditation at the end helps to free the mind. The energy of friends and support is greatly appreciated for a host and that positive energy was there tonight.

I often treat the show as free therapy. Why bother paying money, when you got PTV? lol. It is a majestic way to get a release and I advise everyone to participate either by tuning in or signing up for your own show.

Stay tuned... The next blog post will feature a video clip from the best musical performance of the first season!

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